Technical characteristics of bamboo

Due to its special growth and specific cell structure, the properties of bamboo are very similar, and even superior, to those of hardwoods. For this reason, bamboo can be compared to wood.

Find below the main technical characteristics of BambooTouch® bamboo flooring, read the FAQ to find more information and watch our videos:

Traction resistance:
Bamboo is extremely hard and strong. Bamboo thatch consists of cellulose fibres, like a tree, but unlike wood, its long fibres contain lignin and silica.
The hollow morphology of bamboo combined with the evenly distributed nodes on the stem increases its lateral strength.
Its fibres have a tensile strength of 40 kp/mm², higher than any other normal wood fibre which reaches 5 kp/mm², and higher than structural steel fibre which reaches 37 kp/mm². In addition, bamboo is soft, light and flexible at will.

Brinell hardness:
The Brinell test consists of measuring the mark left in the wood by a hard steel ball of 10mm diameter subjected to a load of 500 to 3000 kg, depending on the case.
The interpretation of the test is the calculation of the relationship between the area of the mark left by the ball and the force at which it falls.
According to this test, bamboo is 27% harder than American red oak and over 13% harder than American maple (source : ASTM 1037 Procedures)

BambooTouch® floorings have a dimensional stability of 0.0144 and are therefore 2.5 times more stable than most woods normally used for flooring.
Bamboo is rot-proof and very insensitive to moisture and temperature changes, making it suitable for floor heating systems.

Thermal resistance
Bamboo has a value of R=0.072 m²K/W. It is a good thermal conductor, which is an advantage for its use in floor heating.

Formaldehyde emission:
The formaldehyde emission is 87 times lower than the strict German E1 standard (European standards).

VOC Emission :
Tests conducted by the BBRI have shown that VOC emissions from bamboo flooring are well below the European standard (EN 717-1), as are TVOC and TSVOC emissions (EN 15052).

CO2 footprint neutral :
The CO2 neutrality has been verified over the entire life cycle of BambooTouch® solid wood flooring.

Fire resistance :
BambooTouch® floors have passed the ISO 11925-2 fire resistance tests and have obtained the CFL – S1 classification, according to the EN13501-1 standard.

Video: Dance on your BambooTouch flooring

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