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BambooTouch® was born from the vision of a team of wood and nature enthusiast, frightened by the speed at which our resources and our environment are being dangerously depleted and suffering. For example, the most famous wood for decking, ipe, is on the verge of extinction. It has a cycle of over 100 years and demand is so high that almost all the forests have been cleared.
Bamboo offers an incredibly high quality and sustainable alternative and BambooTouch®’s vision is to replace wood with bamboo wherever possible.
Pi-import, the company that owns the BambooTouch® brand, has been specialized in this mission for more than 15 years, constantly expanding its product ranges to meet the needs of residential, commercial and professional customers…
From the cellar to the attic, via the terrace and the bathroom, bamboo offers a sustainable, ecological solution, at a competitive price and above off all, bamboo is beautiful! Nothing to envy to an Ipe terrace or an oak flooring. See for yourself and try it out at one of our dealers.

Products that meet the highest standards

BambooTouch® products have been tested by the CTIB (Belgium’s Technical Centre for the Wood Industry) to make sure they comply with the strictest standards.

Our products meet the following European norms:

Tests are also available for the assembly and finishing products used by BambooTouch®:

Reasons to choose
Pi Import’s BambooTouch® products :

  1. We specialise in bamboo and are passionate about this material: since 2005, we have only produced and sold innovative bamboo products.

  2. The highest quality: “designed in Europe, assembled in China”. We manufacture in China because that is where giant moso bamboo grows, but in accordance with our European specifications and monitored locally by our staff.

  3. Strategic partnerships: in order to guarantee the quality of our products, we have a rigorous selection process when it comes to choosing our factories, which are all renowned international experts.
  1. Thanks to our specialist distribution network, we offer a high quality service: selling is easy, but not everyone can offer good after-sales, technical advice and consistent quality.

  2. A genuine guarantee for our flooring: we offer 10 years of warranty for our composite terraces, 15 and 25 years for our massive terraces and 30 years on our floorings.

  3. Real concern for the environment: using bamboo helps combat deforestation around the world.

PI Import is located in a building designed in an eco-responsible manner, just like our BambooTouch® products. During construction, PI Import was committed to a sustainable development approach. The selection of materials, the saving of resources and the reduction of emissions were essential in the choices made. The roof is entirely covered with photovoltaic panels which produce green energy ensuring the company’s energy self-sufficiency and returning the excess K Watts to the urban network.

We actively fight against deforestation and promote ecology.
With our solar panels, we have already produced 223.37 MWh, equivalent to …

of saved CO2
0 t
0 trees
by car compensated
0 km

The production of our bamboo products in brief...

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