Installation guide: how to install a bamboo floor?

Bamboo flooring is laid in the same way as traditional wood flooring, i.e. nailed, glued or floating.

There are no specific contraindications for bamboo flooring: it is the quality of the floor and/or screed, as well as the determined budget that influence the choice of the type of installation.

In any case, it is the installer’s responsibility to choose the most appropriate type of installation for each job, depending on the characteristics of the work to be done.

Attention: not all adhesives are compatible with bamboo flooring, ask us for advice before starting to lay your BambooTouch® floor.

BambooTouch® recommends the use of single-component elastic adhesives based on silicate polymers without solvents or isocyanates.
These high-performance adhesives also have the advantage of very low emissions of volatile organic substances (VOC).
In addition, they are easy to apply, develop resistance quickly, their traces are easy to clean, and they are suitable for underfloor heating.

Download our specific installations instructions: Installation Parquet BambooTouch EN

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